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• Please register early to avoid disappointment. You may register online at, call 781.383.2787 to register by phone with a credit card or see registration page for mail-in information. A $25 non-refundable registration fee is included in tuition. If a student cancels a registration at least ten days before a course or workshop begins, a refund will be granted. Visiting Artist Workshops require a 30 day cancellation notification.

• Students must provide their own materials for Adult Courses and Workshops unless noted.

• Young adults, 15 years and older, are welcome to enroll in most adult courses with the permission of the instructor.

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Learning Lab

Tuesday or Friday from 3:30–5:30 or Saturday 10–12


Develop your artistic skills, talent, and creativity! Our highly skilled artist-teachers will train you in techniques and use of tools and materials,to help unlock your own unique style. Customized instruction for beginners to advanced levels.


1. Buy a block of 5 sessions. This is a rolling admission program of two-hour sessions. Reservations required. Blocks of 5 sessions for $350M and $400NM must be used by the end of the term—March 31, 2015.


2. Reserve your 5 choices. (Offered below.) 4 students maximum per session. Individual mentoring sessions are available at $50 per hour.


3. Have fun!


Learning Lab
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Call to schedule sessions—781 383 2787

801 Observational Collage—Take your still life to a new level. Learn basics of drawing forms in space before changing it up with collage. Learn how shape, patterns, and relationships of objects help you create a new visual dimension.
802 It’s all in Perspective—Lead your viewer into your landscape scenes using aerial, one-and two-point perspective. Start with simple shapes before you take your skills on a journey around your paper.
803 Self Portrait—Embrace your ever-changing expressions with charcoal, wire, and monoprints.
804 Life Drawing—Working from a clothed model—gesture drawings to 30 minute poses, discover new ways to express the ever-changing form of the figure.
805 Pastel Landscape—Amp up the color of the landscape using soft pastels. Learn many techniques while creating beautiful landscape paintings.
806 Printmaking—Express your inner animal through printmaking. We will create multi-colored prints based on the animal in you.
807 Photoshop (Mac Only)—Beginner, Photoshop CS4
808 Photoshop (Mac Only)—Intermediate, Photoshop CS4
809 Photo Elements (Mac Only) Adobe version 11 or 12
810 PowerPoint for Mac 2008 (docx) or 97–2004 (ppt)
811 Art Explorations for Teens
812 Portfolio Works in Progress
813 All About Industrial Design
814 Artist Choice—Students will request their own medium and direction.

Studio Art Foundation Program

South Shore Art Center offers a new program for students looking to formalize their art studies. Upon completion of a specially designed curriculum, SSAC will award students a Certificate in Studio Art Foundation. Participants in the program will have ongoing support of Art Center faculty to evaluate work and assist in course selection. Certificate Students will have priority registration and be assisted in creating a portfolio of work from their selected courses for presentation and exhibition. They also will have the opportunity to exhibit at SSAC in Certificate Student shows. Courses must be completed within three years of registration. (One course, taken prior to January 2012 is eligible for inclusion in the Certificate Program.)

Registration fee for this program is $50.
Contact 781-383-2787 for more information.

First Year Focus
Basic Drawing (48 hours minimum)
Color Theory (10 hours minimum)
Intro to Painting (24 hours minimum Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Second Year Focus
Drawing II (24 hours minimum)
Art History (12 hours)
Painting Elective (24 hours minimum)
Elective choice (24 hours)

Elective Courses
Advanced Drawing (24 hours)
Printmaking (24 hours)
Photography (16 hours)
3D ceramics (24 hours)
Visiting Art Workshops (18 hours minimum)

Studio Art
Foundation Program

300a & b Basic Drawing

Judy Rossman

The ability to draw is not inherited, it is a learned skill. That ability is directly related to one’s observational skills. Being able to see the basic structure of all objects is the first step (similar to reading music). Through a series of exercises, assignments, and homework, students will strengthen their observational and drawing skills. Composition, value studies, line, texture and color will broaden their understanding of the drawing process. This class can accommodate both beginner and intermediate levels in a supportive environment with lots of one-on-one instruction. Continuing students welcome.

9/16–11/4 Fri am 10:30–1:30

$240M $285NM 8 classes

9/13–11/1 Tues am 1:00–4:00
$240M $285NM 8 classes

9/16–11/4, Fri 300a
Members Call to register
Non Members Call to register
9/13–11/1, TUE 300b
Non Members

301 Figure Drawing

Laurinda O’Connor

Drawing from a live model creates challenges and provides inspiration to help develop skills in new and exciting ways. We will start each session with warm up exercises to loosen up as we work our way up to a longer sustained pose. We will strengthen our observational skills as we explore form, line, and color with various media. We will work from both clothed and nude models and will have individual instruction at the easel. All levels welcome.

9/22–10/27 Thurs pm 6:30–8:30
$195M $240NM 6 weeks
(includes model fee)

Non Members

302 Pastel Atelier

Donna Rossetti-Bailey

This course for the intermediate and experienced pastel artist will provide five hours of uninterrupted studio and plein air painting time each week. Each session will include instruction, one-on-one easel time, critiques, and lots of information exchanges. All students will be encouraged to express their own personal style and imagery. We will have fun, laugh and learn from one another in this extended class. We will work outside when weather permits. Some materials provided. Bring your lunch. No class Oct 12, Oct 19 & Nov 23.

9/14–12/7 Wed 9:00–2:00
$350M $395NM 10 classes

Members Call to Register
Non Members Call to Register

303 Introduction to Painting with Pastels

Laurinda O'Connor

Learn how to create beautiful paintings using soft pastels while working from still life setups and photographs of landscapes. Students will develop their own style while learning about composition, value, and technique. Laurinda will demonstrate and offer plenty of individual instruction. This is a perfect class for the beginner. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic references and soft pastels.

9/13–11/1 Tues pm 12:30–3:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

310 Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor

Mary Callahan

Designed for all levels of the watercolorist, this course will first provide the fundamentals and then explore the many techniques of watercolor. Art works may be based on still life set-ups, photos or from your imagination. Emphasis will be on color and design, with the goal of creating an organized emotional statement.

9/15–11/17 Thurs am 9:00–12:00

$285M $330NM 10 classes

Non Members

320 Introduction to Oil Painting

Dianne Panarelli Miller

This is a fun class designed to get you painting right away. Class will begin with an informative demonstration to help students see how to begin a painting. After the demo, Dianne will work with you on an individual basis to help you improve at your own speed. There will be many interesting still life set ups so there will be no crowding. She will blend the discipline of Academic Traditional Methods with the freedom of “Alla Prima” to help students learn the fundamentals to create a painting that is structurally sound in color, composition and technique. Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist you will benefit from this class.

9/13–11/1 Tues am 9:30–12:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

323 Acrylic Painting: Basics and More

Lisa Marder
Learn to develop your painting skills with this versatile medium. Through a variety of projects using photographs, master works, and still life, you will learn various acrylic techniques as well as how to create strong compositions. You will receive individual instruction as well as group critique in a supportive creative environment.

9/15–11/3 Thurs am 9:30–12:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

324a & b Contemporary Techniques in Painting

Valerie Forte Vitali

Bring your current interests, knowledge and ability to paint in oils and we will explore additional techniques to increase your methods and approach to this versatile medium. We will paint traditionally and we will experiment with materials such as oil paint, oil sticks, stencils, and techniques such as glazing, washes, and layering and ways to manipulate these in such a manner that your painting is vital and your practice is engaging and lively! The instructor has many years of experience including recent time spent with contemporary masters in Provincetown and Boston. There will be new content for continuing students.

9/13–10/18 Tues pm 1:00–4:00

$225M $265NM 6 classes

9/13–10/18 342a
Non Members
10/25–11/29 342b
Non Members

325a Painting the Figure

Renee Caouette
This studio course is for intermediate students who are looking to advance to another level. The primary emphasis will be on practicing methods for painting and rendering the figure based on proportional accuracy, foreshortening, and cast shadows to achieve a convincing three dimensional form based on the study of life models. Instruction will focus on color theory, gesture, contour, outline, negative space, and tonal values. Students will explore different classical and contemporary techniques that will produce an effective rendering of the figure. The ultimate goal is for students to have a better understanding of human anatomy, rendering the figure with accurate observation, and developing confidence in drawing and painting the figure.

9/13–10/11 Tues pm 6:00–9:00
$225M $265NM 5 classes (includes model fee)

Non Members

325b Composing the Figure and Interior Spaces

Renee Caouette

This class is an extension of class 325a. In this second half of the initial course, the focus will be on composing sophisticated narratives and visually interesting interior scenes. Students will be exposed to an in-depth study of the principles of composition, value, pattern, tone, staging, mood, and color theories. By examining artworks from a variety of periods and styles, represented by such diverse artists as Bonnard, Vuillard, Courbet, Caravaggio, and Hammershoi, students may explore different methods in composing interior scenes. The ultimate goal is for students to develop their own style while exploring their individual creative process.

10/18–11/15 Tues pm 6:00–9:00
$225M $265NM 5 classes (includes model fee)

Non Members

327 "Alla Prima" Still Life

Dianne Panarelli Miller

This class will begin with an informative demonstration to help students see how to begin a painting. The instructor will work with students on an individual basis to help them improve at their own speed. Students will work outside—weather permitting—or work from still life set ups. Dianne will blend the discipline of Academic Traditional Methods with the freedom of “Alla Prima” (all in one sitting) to help students learn the fundamentals to create a painting that is structurally sound in color, composition and technique. Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist you will benefit from this class. No class Oct 10.

9/12–11/7 Mon am 9:30–12:30
$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

500 LIfe Drawing and Painting Studio

Uninstructed—Michael McNabb, Coordinator

Develop your skills in drawing from the model in this ongoing class. Please call the Coordinator 781-545-4991 if you plan to attend.

Ongoing Mon pm 7:00–10:00
$10 per session model fee payable at class

340 Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Monoprinting

Esther Maschio

Learn something new to stretch your imagination. Monoprinting is the most accessible and experimental of any of the visual arts. Technique and process are taught by means of sequential demonstrations starting with basic lessons. An indirect process, imagery is applied to a Plexiglas surface then transferred to archival paper by means of an etching press. Students will learn about mixing inks, roll-ups, viscosity, color theory simplified, additive, subtractive, trace drawing, transfers, blind embossing and chine colle among others. Solar platemaking and printing will be included for those who have experience with this technique. Individual attention is given during each class and group experience and interaction with other students all combine to create a stimulating atmosphere with lots of room for meaningful and fascinating learning curves. Students at all levels of experience are welcome. No class Oct 10.

9/12–11/21 Mon pm 6:00–9:00

$285M $330NM 10 classes (includes $15 materials fee for inks)

Non Members

341 Intermediate/Advanced Monoprinting

Esther Maschio

Monoprinting can be a highly experimental medium for creating strikingly unique works of art. An indirect process, typically imagery is created on a Plexiglas plate and then transferred by means of an etching press to archival paper. Brayers and brushes are the primary tools used. Methods and techniques include: additive, subtractive, mixing inks, roll-ups, viscosity, transparencies, color layering, multiple plate printing, plate registration, color theory simplified, trace drawing, collage, chine colle and more. Students will work with instructor to define goals and then set a plan to begin work. In this dynamic and energetic studio environment, exploration and growth are emphasized at the individual and group level. For those students with prior experience in solar platemaking and printing, as well as other platemaking techniques, they may continue in those directions. No class Oct 10.

9/12–11/21 Mon am 9:00–2:00
$350M $395NM 10 classes (includes $15 materials fee for inks)

Non Members

350 Introduction to Ceramics

Ann Conte

For the beginning clay student, this course will introduce students to the techniques of coil, pinch, slab, wheel and combinations of these techniques. Functional and non-functional pieces will be created, glazed and fired. Texture, form and surface treatment will be covered as part of the one-on-one instruction, reinforced by demonstrations of technique and process. No class Nov 11 & Nov 25.

9/16–12/2 Fri am 9:30–12:30

$365M $410NM 10 classes (includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

351 Clay Work

LIz Rodriguez

This course includes instruction in wheel throwing and hand building techniques. We will start where you are: beginners will learn how to center clay, make small bowls and cups: advanced students will explore more complicated forms including lidded jars and teapots. Handbuilders will learn pinch, coil, slab techniques and will produce a variety of containers and objects. The class will also investigate different surface/decorating techniques such as slips, sgraffito, paper resist, carving, stamping and glazes. Come ready to try new ideas.

9/13–11/29 Tues pm 6:00–9:00

$385M $430NM 12 classes (includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

352 Potter's Wheel & More

Jeanne Wiley

This ceramic class will cover wheel techniques as well as slab, coil and hand building. Glaze applications will be demonstrated and independent projects are welcomed in this very supportive class. Open to all students. No class Nov 23.

9/14–12/7 Wed pm 6:00–9:00
$385M $430NM 12 classes (includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

354 Clay Decorating Techniques

Ann Conte

Learn new ways to finish your clay pieces with image transfer, mono printing, photo lithography, sgraffito, and more. This class will allow you to expand your glazing repertoire. The first classes will focus on learning new techniques. Students will then be able to put their new knowledge into practice through their clay hand built and wheel thrown work. Prior clay experience is required to take this course. No class Nov 24.

9/15–12/8 Thurs pm 6:00–9:00
$385M $430NM 12 classes (includes materials and firing fee)

Non Members

362 Mastering Collage

Monice Morenz

Looking for a creative jump-start for this fall season? In this course, you will learn how to paint and assemble papers in a unique approach to art - the process of collage. Collage is the technique of gluing objects or materials not commonly associated with one another to a backing or workable surface. Exemplary examples of the medium from cubism to surrealism to more contemporary applications will be used to examine a specific concept each week. Students will be encouraged to create images based on themes rooted in design, color, abstraction, and building a personal narrative. There will be weekly class demonstrations and critiques.

9/14–11/16 Wed pm 1:00–4:00

$285M $330NM 10 classes

Non Members

365 Mixed Media Painting

Karen McEachern Cass

This course is for students of all ability levels who wish to explore the endless possibilities of a layered image. You will be encouraged to allow chance and the element of surprise to play an active role in your art-making process. Emphasis will be placed on preparing the proper surfaces for collage and multiple layers of paint. Recycled materials, handmade and printed papers, various adhesives and acrylic paint will be used for our projects. A variety of techniques and subject matter will be introduced and students may apply techniques to their independent work. We will have group critiques and share many examples of mixed media work to inspire and further illuminate the process.

9/14–11/2 Wed pm 6:00–9:00

$240M $285NM 8 classes

Non Members

375 The Altered Book

Stephen Sheffield

Don’t write in that book! Don’t tear the pages! Don’t turn down the corner! Have you ever heard a teacher or librarian say those things? In this class we are throwing all that out the window and “breaking the rules”. We are turning books into art! We will alter used hard-backed books and turn them into works of art. Your book and its pages will be your canvas as you draw, paint, rip, burn, fold, stamp, and whatever else you can think of. If you like any type of art—collage, scrapbooking, stamping, or mixed media—then you will love making an altered book. The possibilities are absolutely endless for what your altered book can become. By using various coloring mediums, embellishments, and techniques, you can turn your book into a planner, an art journal, a shadowbox, or even into a scrapbook. Throughout the course, students will be exposed to original examples of artists books as well as works by modern masters. Instruction will be based on a weekly progression of the various techniques, procedures and applications required in creating an original altered book. Students will determine the direction and theme they will follow in the production of this artwork.

9/13–11/1 Tues am 9:00–11:30
$250M $295NM 8 classes

Non Members

371 Basic Digital Photography—Start to Finish

Tim Waite

Learn how to maximize the digital camera. Students will learn the fundamentals of exposure by taking advantage of the features and functionality specific to their own digital camera. This course will focus on the technical aspects of digital photography, including image file formats, lens selection, the light metering, and developing your own digital workflow. You will build on your abilities week-to-week through various assignments created to reinforce the topics you’ve learned. Students should bring their cameras and manuals to class. Digital SLR cameras required.

9/15–10/20 Thurs pm 7:00–9:00

$195M $240NM 6 classes

Non Members

374 Intermediate Digital Fine Art Photography

Stephen Sheffield

In this in-depth and hands-on course you will learn how to take your digital SLR camera photographs to the next level! If you have already taken the SSAC’s Basic Digital Photography workshop, or a comparable basic digital photography class, this is the next logical step to advance your skills. This class will build on your knowledge and move into finer detail and push you to expand your artistic vision. Beyond the exposure, structure and composition of you work, we will address personal style, artistic intent, creativity, and inspiration. Students can count on in-depth demonstrations and inspirational discussions about the work of past and current artists including certain Photoshop and Lightroom techniquesin a fun and relaxed environment. Students are encouraged to work on an ongoing photographic project to focus their learning on a subject that most interests them. Please note: This course is designed for students with SLR cameras only.

9/13–11/1 Tues pm 7:00–9:00
$235M $275NM 8 classes

Non Members

390 Intro to Sewing

Alison Gordon

Learn the basics on how to use a sewing machine (sewing machine provided) as well as read a pattern, cut fabric, and install a zipper. Projects include a tote bag, zippered box pouch, and zippered pillow cover. Check the supply list for fabric amounts needed.

9/14–10/5 Wed 6:00–9:00

$150M $195NM 4 classes

Non Members



Anne Heywood

Put aside one full day each month to fine tune your pastel landscape painting abilities. Sessions focus on painting one landscape element: trees (September), skies (October), and water (November). Each morning begins with a demonstration by the instructor, from a preliminary sketch to a gradual rendering of the subject. This will be followed by the instructor assisting students to choose a painting subject. The balance of the day is dedicated to student painting. There will be plenty of one-on-one “instructor’s hands off” assistance and instruction with each student’s painting.

9/18, 10/16 & 11/20 Sun 9:30–4:00
$200M 245NM 3 classes

Non Members

410 Watercolor Workshop: Loosen Up!

Lisa Goren

Watercolor can seem daunting for those who have tried it or want to try it. This is a class designed to help loosen your approach to the medium, feel more capable with materials, and find out how rewarding it can be. The class will focus on working with water, learning how to mix colors, and understanding the strengths (and weaknesses) of the medium. During this four hour class, students will work with a “wet-on-wet” approach for much of the time and will create several unfinished pieces (because they’ll have to dry). However, the point of this class is not to have you walk out with a completed painting but, rather, with a new “box of tools” to complement your painting style. You should be prepared to get wet and have fun.

9/30 Fri 10:00–3:00
$110M $150NM 1 class

Non Members

421 Acrylic Paint Extravaganza

Adria Arch

This all day workshop will expose you to three kinds of Golden acrylic paints and show you some exciting and inspiring ways to employ them in your art making. Heavy Body paint, our traditional acrylic in the tube, is great for oil paint-like approaches, so we’ll do an “impasto” still life painting. Fluid and High Flow paints are super thin and are great for watercolor-like effects, so we’ll paint on absorbent paper with lots of water to see how they “bloom” like watercolors. Finally, Golden OPEN acrylics stay wet much longer and are great for monoprinting and screenprinting. Learn new techniques and shake up your painting world! Free samples and all materials provided.

10/22 Sat 10:00–4:00

$145M $185NM 1 class

Non Members

460 Large Scale Image Transfer

Allison Crowe

Working with images of your choice you will transfer them to canvases as large as you like. Beginning with a photo, you will learn how to enlarge it very simply on a computer with free software you can download at home. No experience or computers are required in class. The instructor will demonstrate on her device enlarging students photos for them. We will print large-scale in color by ‘tiling’ the image in 8 x11 sheets. The image is then adhered to a stretched canvas and the paper is washed off 24 hours later revealing the image- now imbedded into the canvas. The results will be distressed- with some degree of control over how much, the overall effect is painterly and can still be further worked into with acrylics and mixed media. Laptops are optional, if you do bring one, you will learn how to do the digital process on your machine.

9/24–9/25 Sat–Sun 9:00–4:00
$185M $230NM 2 classes

Non Members

468 Small Scale Strip Quilt Design

Virginia Holloway

Students will apply small strips of fabric directly to a batting or fabric foundation to improvise abstract designs. The results may be finished as wall art or used in making functional objects. The students will explore use of color, pattern and design elements to make a unique work of art.

9/17–9/18 Sat–Sun 9:00–4:00
$155M $200NM 2 classes

Non Members

488 Color Theory Simplified

Judy Rossman

Through a series of structured sequential exercises, students will understand the basics of color mixing. This will endow the student with skill and confidence in any color media he/she approaches including watercolor, oils, acrylics, oil pastels, colored pencil and gouache. A simple still life will be completed utilizing techniques experienced in previous exercises.

10/16, 10/23 Sun 11:00–4:00
$120M $165NM 2 classes
A $5.00 materials fee will be payable to the instructor

Non Members

Iceland, Land of the Midnight Sun

Shawn Carey

Iceland abounds in natural splendor: Waterfalls and glaciers, panoramic views and otherworldly landscapes. Land of Northern Lights and midnight sun, it is the realm of one of the world’s most charming and iconic birds: the Atlantic Puffin. During the summer months, Iceland’s round-the-clock sunlight allows us to see a panoply of birds which accompany the puffins in nesting frenzy. Come along with wildlife photographer Shawn Carey as he shares images and stories from his 2014 journey across Iceland. Along the way, we’ll meet Black-tailed Godwits, Arctic Terns and Red-necked Phalaropes. We’ll visit fjords, mountains, grasslands, and lava fields. Discover why it’s a place no photographer or person with an interest in the natural world should miss.

10/12 Wed pm 7:00–9:00
$5/Free for members–Reservations required 781 383 2787

Non Members




501 Figurative Abstraction

Gerri Rachins

“What I want to show in my work is the idea that hides itself behind so called reality. I am seeking for the bridge which leads from the visible to the invisible, like the famous cabalist who once said “If you wish to get hold of the invisible you must first penetrate as deeply as possible into the visible.” (Max Beckmann) Using the figure as subject, students investigate methods, materials, and techniques of developing abstract drawings. During the morning session, using black and white inks, water soluble crayons, charcoal, erasers, and graphite sticks you will work from observation of the model(s) who may be in either moving or fixed positions. During the afternoon session, your drawings will be combined and reworked using collage techniques to create one large mixed media work on paper. Exploration, and conceptual innovation will be encouraged. Group and individual critiques throughout the session emphasize the development of a more critical eye, and the verbal skills necessary to discuss the process of abstraction in an articulate manner. Students of all levels and abilities, including beginners and continuing students are welcome.

11/5–11/6 Sat & Sun 9:30–4:00
$350M $395NM 2 classes (model fee is included)

Non Members

502 From Realism to Abstraction and Back

Bill Flynn

Beginning with observational drawings based on subjects of personal choice, such as still life, landscape, or the figure, students will simplify and reduce visual content to its essential form and composition. The discussion that follows will explore the development of meaningful content derived from abstract form. Students will then revert back to more realist inspired compositions, clarifying and strengthening the original images with details necessary to complete their ideas. The instructor will demonstrate these concepts at the beginning of each class, while explaining how various artists navigated the space between realism and abstraction in the development of their own work. Students should bring artwork or reproductions that reflect ideas of personal interest and development. Open to students of all media—painting, collage, pastels, printmaking. Come to class with questions and thoughts for discussion.

10/29–10/30 Sat–Sun 10:00–4:00
$400M $440NM 2 classes

Non Members

586 Introduction to Clam Shell Box Structures

Peter Madden

Through in-class demonstrations and hands-on guided studio time, learn to make beautiful and function clamshell boxes specifically for a treasured object, series of photographs or prints or just an elegant place to stash stuff. Using traditional, easy-to-find bookmarking tools and supplies, participants will create two boxes; a practice piece to get the feel of the structure and process, then a finished version using decorative papers and embellishments of your choosing. Each box will be made of 12 measured pieces of a medium weight binder’s board. Be prepared to do some cutting! Some previous experience with basic bookbinding is suggested.

10/1–10/2 Sat–Sun 9:30–4:00
$245M $290NM 2 classes

Non Members


427 Conquering Color

Nancy Colella

Color gets all the credit. Value does all the work.
Everyone is attracted to color so let’s explore the many ways we can use color for more expressive paintings. This class will cover all aspects of color; values, color mixing, relationships, contrast and much more. Through demos, exercises and critiques, we will learn how to “see” color in new ways and how to incorporate that into our paintings. We will work on Bristol board with acrylics or gouache as well as painting on canvas boards.

8/10–8/11 Wed–Thurs 9:30–3:30
$155M $195NM 2 classes

Non Members

465 Shibori Basics

Alison Gordon

Shibori is the Japanese technique of bound and resist dying, think of it as an elegant (and more complicated) way to tie-dye. Learn different knotting, folding, wrapping, and fabric blocking techniques in demos and as you prepare your fabric. At the end of the day, we will dip everything in an indigo dye bath, unwrap, and check out our final products. Shibori dying is not a precise technique, so students should be open to experimenting, and embrace the unexpected. This class will focus on dyeing provided items, using a prepared dye bath. Students will receive a tote bag, 4 cotton napkins, 2 tea towels, cotton scarf, and silk scarf to dye in class. Time permitting, students may bring up to two other items that are cotton, wool, or silk to dye. $40 materials fee payable to instructor.

8/12 Fri 10:00–4:00
$85M $130NM 1 class

Non Members


524 Art from the Soul for the Soul

Nella Lush

What is Art for you? Does it make you happy, frustrated or does it bring you peace? Art for me is an extension of myself, an extension of my being and all that moves me. —Nella

This workshop is about finding yourself and an approach to your art making. It is about seeking your own voice and finding that which you have within yourself. You will be guided through trusting the process and by giving yourself permission, you will find that magic.We will use cold wax and marble dust. Students may work in any painting medium they wish.

8/13 & 8/20 Sat 10:00–4:00
$325M $370NM 2 classes

Nella was born, raised and educated in Italy. She is the founder of the Experimental Group of Rockport Association and Museum, the President of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Women Artists.

Non Members


Attention Teachers! South Shore Art Center is approved by the Massachusetts Department of Education as a provider of Professional Development Points. We are pleased to provide a certificate of completion for any of our adult courses or workshops.