Supply Lists

Chinese Brush


300 Basic Drawing, Judy Rossman

301 Beginning Pastel, Laurinda O'Connor

302 Pastel Atelier, Donna Rossetti Bailey

303 Expressive Pastels, Laurinda O'Connor

310 Beginner/Intermediate Watercolor, Mary Callahan

317 Bare Bones Watercolor, Lilly Cleveland

320 Introduction to Oil Painting, Dianne Panarelli Miller

321 Buildings, Boats, and Plein-Aire, Robert Beaulieu

322 Continuing Acrylic, Lisa Marder

323 Acrylic Painting: Basics and More, Lisa Marder

324 Beginner Oil Painting Still Life, Susan Ahearn

325 Realism to Abstraction , Kim Alemian

326 Drawn to Painting in Oils, Santiago Hernandez

327 Alla Prima, Dianne Panarelli Miller

341 Intermediate/Advanced Monoprintingr, Esther Maschio

342 Printmaking Sampler, Esther Maschio

402 A-C Watch and Paint: Pastels, Anne Heywood

410 Watercolor Workshop: Loosen Up!, Lisa Goren

421 Abstract Drawing and Painting, Santiago Hernandez

468_Small Scale String, Strip and Scrap Quilt Design_Virginia Holloway

502 From Observation to Metaphor—Revisited, Bill Flynn